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Alphatec Engineering - Industrial Machinery Regrouting Services

The Alphatec Group was established in 1977 and our main business has been contracting; regrouting industrial machinery for which cement-based grouts have failed, and replacing them with permanent polymer grouts, properly designed to perform as the interface between machine and foundation. We also repair machinery foundations, restoring the concrete integrity and its ability to damp out vibrations and formulate and manufacture quality polymer products for use by other professionals.

Alphatec began as a partnership between two individuals interested in solving machinery foundation problems, and has grown to a group of companies in 10 countries, with more than 4000 contracts completed in 40 countries.

After a few years in the contracting business it became apparent that we needed better evaluation and quality control of the growing number of polymer products that we were buying from outside suppliers, and this led to the establishment of chemical and physical research laboratories, and an active product development programme.

Alphatec group companies now manufacture a wide range of polymer products under the "Alphatec" brand, including grouts & adhesives, floorings & linings, coatings & sealants, for industrial concrete and steel protection. The partnership between our contracting, research, and manufacturing divisions, together with the equipment manufacturer, and the end user, is particularly effective in developing solutions to otherwise intractable problems.

Partnerships to count on

The idea of "partnership" lies at the very heart of the Alphatec Group corporate philosophy. Each employee is a partner in the success of the company, and each project undertaken is a two -, three - or four - way partnership in attacking and arresting the deterioration of the plant's facilities.

We have an on-going policy of providing our customers with the best products available in the marketplace at any particular time. We also search out unusual technologies - the ALPHAPAD system of hydraulically adjustable sole pads is one example - to solve specific application problems. Our alignment equipment for setting up a machine before grouting, is first-class, as are the techniques employed to ensure that the machine is in alignment when running, rather than when stationary. Where the product or technology does not presently exist, the Alphatec Group is uniquely positioned to develop the products, tools, and techniques necessary to meet customer demand.

Reliable solutions

The integrity of the products we sell, the work we undertake, and the people carrying out that work, is the key to our success over the last twenty-five years. We look forward to continuing this successful partnership during the coming years.

We firmly believe that the era of polymergrouts has arrived. When these materials were first introduced, replacement of failed cement-based grouts and adhesive bonding repairs of cracked foundations were the main applications. Cement grouts continue to be used for the installation of many types of machinery, mainly due to their low initial cost. Increasingly, the overwhelming advantages of polymer grouts for new machinery installation are becoming recognized.

The polymer grouts offered by the Alphatec Group are already extensively tried and proven in many industries around the world - these are not experimental products. There is a growing awareness of the importance of foundations and grout on the long-term performance of rotating machinery.

Many machinery manufacturers are recommending the use of polymer grouts,and a growing number of engineering companies and plant owners & operators are actively specifying their use for the installation of all rotating machinery.

Many of our polymer products are based on the polyether family of resins; mainly epoxies and vinyl esters. The first epoxies were introduced in the 1940s, and revolutionized the way engineers looked at 'plastics'. The physical properties and stability of the epoxy compound were truly amazing. Since that time - over 50 years ago - there have been many advances in the way the basic resins are used in formulating useful products. It is still possible to buy a liquid resin from one supplier, a recommended chemical hardener from another, and call it a 'formulated' product, but its properties will be very limited.

Today's formulator has an almost endless supply of additives & modifiers available, and the original limitations of the epoxy compound - such as low heat resistance - can be greatly improved. Alphatec 130, our high temperature service polymer grout, which will withstand direct contact temperatures of 150º C, is one example of a properly formulated product. Our impermeable vinyl ester linings for steel and concrete are outstanding for their acid resistance. (Contact us for individual Product Data Sheets for specific products, and information on the entire product range).


Europe | Middle East | Africa

Alphatec Engineering (Europe) Ltd,
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Pol Ind Torrubero,
46136 Museros,
Tel: +34-961-451-599
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Email: giles.goldsbro@alphatec-engineering.com
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Alphatec Engineering (Europe) Ltd,
1-2 Marino Mart,
Dublin 3,
Tel: +353 1 853 5842
email: finbar.osullivan@alphatec-engineering.com
Attn: Finbar O'Sullivan

South East Asia | China | Central & South Asia

Asia Alphatec Engineering Sdn Bhd,
Lot 4459 Taman Muhibbah,
71000 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan,
Tel: +60-6-647-9333
Fax: +60-6-647-6333
Email: lee.hock.meng@alphatec-engineering.com
Attn: Lee Hock Meng

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