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Precision IceBlast Corporation-Industry Leader in Ice Blasting Services

Precision IceBlast Corporation, founded in 1993, is an independent, family-owned, contracting organization providing industrial cleaning, surface preparation, and re-coating services to clients in Power Generation as well as many other industries. With headquarters in Northeastern Wisconsin, they service customers world-wide with offices in Canada, the UK, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and across the United States.

Through Precision Iceblast's innovative efforts, they have the most aggressive dry-ice blasting system in the World. They use their proprietary dry-ice blasting machines along with very high air pressure to clean more efficiently and effectively than any other dry-ice blasting contractor in the world.

Precision Iceblast is the most experienced dry-ice blasting contractor in the World. Founded in 1993, they were one of the first contractors in the dry-ice blasting industry dedicated to dry-ice blasting services. With thousands of projects completed with excellent customer satisfaction, they have encountered projects with a full range of complexity and difficulty.

The World's Leader in HRSG Cleaning

  • We provide an invaluable service to our customers and ensure that their HRSGs are running as efficiently as possible.
  • Our experience, capabilities, and reputation are unsurpassed. We have formed strong alliances with other large names in the power industry such as Nooter/Eriksen, HRST, and Champion Charter to name a few.
  • Our reputation for cleaning HRSGs is so strong that the request for our services span the entire world. Our cleaning results provide decreased back pressure and increased megawatts.
  • Precision Iceblast Corporation cleans more HRSGs than any other ice blasting company in the world.
  • On a regular basis we hear from our customers that they have tried a variety of ice blasting companies and NOBODY has gotten them the results that we have. We now work with numerous power plants that our competitors use to work for.

precision iceblast leaders in hrsg cleaning

Watch our YouTube video and discover more on why we're the greatest in HRSG cleaning.

What Separates Us from other HRSG Cleaning Companies?

We manufacture our own equipment

  • The equipment on the market just isn't capable of performing to the standards that we require.
  • No other dry-iceblasting equipment is as reliable as ours. Down time due to ice-blasting machine failure does not happen with Precision Iceblast Corporation.
  • Manufacturing our own equipment allows us to always have enough machines to clean as many HRSGs at one time as necessary. We have never had to turn down a job because we didn't have enough equipment to perform the work.
  • Manufacturing our own equipment gives us the ability to continue to grow as quickly as we need

We always get the work done during the limited downtime that our customers have

  • Regardless of the duration of the shutdown and the number of faces that need blasted, we'll get the work done.
  • We work around the clock and add as many guns as necessary in order to accomplish the task. This is extremely important to our customers to know that they can count on us to meet their time constraints

We blast at very high pressures (350+ psi)

  • The dry ice does a great job cleaning the first couple rows of tubes. Beyond that it is just simply the force of air pushing the debris through the tubes.
  • Lower pressure blasting can actually pack the debris in the middle of the tubes and increase the back pressure. Our high pressure blasting forcefully blows the debris completely through bundles regardless of how many rows of tubes

We are Precise:borescope inspection from precision iceblast

  • Our process has been engineered to perfection. The technique is very specific and the most efficient.
  • After cleaning we thoroughly inspect each module with a borescope to ensure that all of the debris is removed from the tubes. If any debris remains, then the tubes are blasted further until each tube is completely clean.

We Provide a Turnkey Service for our Customers

Precision Iceblast Corporation inconveniences its customers as little as possible by providing its own electrical power, scaffold, lighting, PPE, etc. We offer:

  • Baffle plate removal.
  • Tube scaffold or sky climber access.
  • Full clean-up of the HRSG.
  • SCR and CO catalyst cleaning.
  • We clean all elements in a power generating facility in addition to HRSGs and we have a re-coating division as well.

Our Company Can Blast any HRSG - Anywhere in the World

  • We have the knowledge and the experience to go wherever our customers need us.
  • We aren't afraid to travel to any foreign country.
  • Our equipment is packed into containers that can be shipped by plane, ship, truck, rail, etc. to any HRSG in the world

precision iceblast can blast any HRSG anywhere in the world!


Exclusive HRSG Deep Cleaning™ Allows us to Provide a Service to our Customers that no other Company Can

  • We are partnered with HRST to offer the world's most effective HRSG cleaning solution.
  • This methodology includes specific tools engineered and built specifically for the HRSG in each plant we work at to ensure the most effective and safest cleaning possible.
  • We are the only company in the World that can perform this type of cleaning.
  • Schematics of the HRSG as well as OEM specifications are reviewed and then custom tools are designed and then fabricated specifically for that HRSG.
  • This HRSG Deep Cleaning™ process allows us to open up lanes and have direct access as deep as we need to in order to clean all tubes in the bundle.
  • With our patented process we have never damaged a HRSG tube

Exclusive HRSG Deep Cleaning™ Allows us to Provide a Service to our Customers that no other Company Can

Precision Iceblast Corporation Crew Members Undergo Extensive Training

  • Certified in confined space.
  • Certified in scaffold erection.
  • OSHA certified.
  • Hazwoper certified.
  • C7 blasting certified.
  • CPR certified.
  • First Aid certified.
  • Fork Lift certified.
  • Aerial Lift training certified.
  • Experts in working at elevations.
  • Experts creating containment.
  • Our well trained employees ensure that the job is being done correctly and safely.
  • We have been performing ice blasting since 1993.

Quality and Safety Are of the Utmost Importance to Everyone in our Company

  • As a family business, we are committed to very strong oversight on every single job that is performed.
  • The owners instill a culture of safety and quality.
  • Customer job completion forms consistently mark Precision Iceblast Corporation with the highest marks for time frame, quality, final cleanup, professionalism, and safety.

Company Size

  • Our company is large enough to handle any amount of work, but yet small enough to make sure that every job is done correctly

Precision Iceblast Corporation Would Be Honored to Form a Partnership with your Company

Rest assured that you will have a positive experience with us. You can feel confident that we are the best in the world and you will experience decreased back pressure and increased megawatts. Please feel free to contact some of our references and hear directly from them how remarkable their experience was with us.

Precision Iceblast Corporation
Phone: +1 906-864-2421

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